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If you suffer from back pain, you need the best treatment modality available. Gomez Orthotic Systems has invested extensive time, money, and effort into developing our nuanced patient treatment options. Here is a look at how we approach the treatment of each of our patients.

Our Unique Spinal Treatment Option Begins With Inputs

We use computer-aided design technology that requires several different inputs. The patient’s treatment plan commences with a precise evaluation of the unique deformity. The transverse, coronal, and sagittal planes are documented through digital photography. Pictures are taken with the patient in the corrective position. The knees and hips are flexed with the pelvis level. These pictures prove quite helpful in the orthosis design process.

This in-depth spinal treatment option subsequently transitions to patient measurements. This portion of the clinical evaluation involves more than 25 unique anthropometric measurements. These measurements include circumferences, lengths, geometry, APs, and MLs across each of the spine’s three planes.

Flexibility and Balance

Our unique spinal treatment option includes a thorough analysis of the patient’s spinal column. Though this flexibility is difficult to pinpoint with a specific number, getting a gauge of it is crucial to predicting and allowing for optimal in-brace correction.

A balanced assessment is then performed. The patient’s overall balance in the coronal and sagittal planes is noted with the help of a laser level. This is the final portion of the patient assessment.

The Fitting and Follow-up

Patients who opt for our elite spinal treatment option are scheduled for a fitting appointment. The patient is ensured an accurate fit of his new orthosis. We adjust the trim lines as necessary to ensure total comfort. The efficacy of the orthosis is then verified through radiography. The clinician verifies the results yielded by the orthosis match up with the individual curve flexibility. Decompensation and Cobb angles are accounted for. This unique spinal treatment option has produced positive outcomes for more than three years. It just might be the back pain remedy you have been looking for.

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