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Our office is proud to provide an array of helpful services in a consultative or referral manner. Our services include everything from specialist spine consultation to halo braces, cervical thoracic orthotics, cervical orthotics, the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, one valve or bi-valve, anterior and posterior opening and thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthotics.

If you suffer from a back deformity like scoliosis, our services can help enhance your aesthetic and comfort. Gomez Orthotic Systems has carefully crafted a conservative approach to the treatment of spine deformities. This unique method is called the Gomez Orthotic Spine System or GOSS. Our services key in on the importance of achieving spinal stability and balance.

Details About GOSS Services

Those who are on the prowl for a spine specialist will find the services they need at our office. We provide spine consultation services through our specialist Dr. Gomez. Once your consultation takes place, your back will be analyzed in-depth to determine if our services are applicable.

Our spinal improvement services include but are not limited to thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthotics (TLSO), cervical thoracic orthotics (CTO), cervical orthotics (CO), halo braces, one valve or bi-valve and anterior and posterior opening.

GOSS Services: Back Treatment

Those who suffer from any sort of back deformity are encouraged to reach out to our team for a comprehensive clinical evaluation. We will examine your back deformity, gauge the flexibility of your back and determine to what extent the deformity can be rectified. Our GOSS services are centered on a careful analysis of all three planes of the back. GOS incorporates advanced technology in the form of computer-aided design to create a three-dimensional rendering of the patient’s correction. It is a stark contrast to competitor services based on outdated traditional plaster casting. Rather, our services make use of cutting-edge technology to improve patient shapes across each of the spine’s three planes.

A Unique Approach to Spinal Services

Dr. Gomez has developed a computer-aided design approach that drastically improves the quality of our back services. This is an important tool that makes the bracing system that much more effective. Dr. Gomez has the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail required to implement a computer-aided design in the proper manner for spinal correction. His two decades of professional experience treating deformities of the spine established the principles upon which our high-tech approach is implemented.

The optimal use of computer-aided design equipment requires several inputs. The treatment plan mandates an in-depth analysis of the spinal deformity across the spine’s transverse, sagittal and coronal planes. This evaluation occurs after digital photographs of the spine are taken from varied angles. Patient measurements are taken, balance and spinal column flexibility are assessed and the patient is fitted for an orthosis.

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