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How does the brace work?

The GOSS Brace begins with a study of the patient, taking their measurements, (in some cases plaster molds) or scans. Once the measurements are taken, GOSS simulates the patient on a computer and modifies the model using CAD for the patient’s specific needs. Finally, GOSS fabricates the brace using the right type of plastic for the needs of that specific patient. The brace itself helps the body adjust to the right alignment, in which the body becomes more stable. The treatment requires the patients be compliant and wear their brace as prescribed, as their body will respond to the treatment by understanding the new position. Treatment is often paired with physical activity and Specific Physio-therapy plan.

Where are you located?

Gomez Orthotic Systems is in Tampa, FL (contact Paula Gomez, CO clinical director of this facility).

Are there any other clinics that use the GOS system?

We provide services to many Orthotic and Prosthetic facilities in the USA and around the world. To see which clinicians use the GOSS Protocol nearest you please follow this link or you may e-mail at mgomez@gorthoticsystems.com to speak with GOS technical manager Miguel A Gomez.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment time is entirely dependent on the type of spinal condition, age, background, and physical condition of the patient. Some patients may take years, while some other may need more than one brace depending on the growth stage, in the case of scoliosis. The most important factor is the dedication and compliance of the patient.