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Jessica’s Case

Jessica is our second and youngest daughter. Her mother Julie had scoliosis as a child and continues to suffer various symptoms from an S-curved spine, so she was naturally very anxious as our two daughters approached their teenage years. Our oldest daughter, Jenna, showed no signs of curvature. She is now sixteen and appears to be completely unaffected by the condition. Our youngest daughter, Jessica, however, began to show signs of a curved spine around ten years of age.

The curve was not very noticeable at first, but it got worse within another year, and by the time Jessie was eleven, approaching twelve, it began to curve more. So we decided it was time to take her in to see an orthopedic specialist. The curvature was first measured through a standard X-ray at around 16 degrees but quickly developed into a 26-degree curvature within six months. Our orthopedic doctor, Dr. Devino, decided that it was time to put a brace on Jessie, so he sent us to our new orthotist, Miguel Gomez. We first saw Miguel in Houston, near the Medical Center. Since then, we have been coming to his Sugar Land office, which is much closer to where we live.

From the very beginning, Miguel treated us with his trademark smile and confidence. He and his staff took numerous measurements and photographs in order to fit Jessie with a new plastic brace, which he was very careful to shape and reshape according to Jessie’s comfort level. He and his staff were always smiling and friendly, and Miguel himself always exuded optimism and confidence. This was very important to us and made us feel much better about the whole situation, which was naturally stressful. It was very clear to us from the moment we first met Miguel that he is a true expert in what he does and that he approaches his work both professionally and compassionately.

Within a year or so, Jessie outgrew the first brace, so Miguel fitted her again with a second, which she is wearing now. The first brace brought the curve down to around 16 degrees, and the second one kept it there. We still have a way to go here, but we are happy and confident with our progress so far.


Jeffrey J. Kripal