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Deformities treated with GOSS

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GOSS is an acronym that stands for the Gomez Orthotic Spine System. This conservative treatment option remedies spinal deformities. The system stresses the importance of spinal stability and spinal balance. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive initial clinical evaluation of his spine’s three planes. These planes are assessed for the level of deformity and flexibility as well as the potential for correction. This unique treatment modality was created by Dr. José Miguel Gómez Torres.

What GOSS Treats

This specialized form of treatment represents a precise and careful approach to remedying various ailments of the spine. The aim is to reduce the spine’s curves so the spine can be corrected for optimal functionality and comfort. GOSS has proven effective in the treatment of scoliosis, with a particularly high success rate at remedying idiopathic scoliosis. GOSS keys in on stability, flexibility, alignment, and equilibrium to analyze cases of scoliosis and develop the proper treatment solution. A three-dimensional approach is employed to gauge posture and establish the basis for each patient’s idiosyncratic treatment.
Yet the GOSS method is not strictly limited to the treatment of scoliosis. It also helps manage an array of other spinal deformities. This treatment modality has proven effective for all sorts of back deformities. GOSS relies on the acquisition of extensive patient data by way of implementing an established protocol. This protocol makes use of digital photographic documentation of the patient’s standing posture across each of the spine’s three planes. The grade of the spine’s flexibility is also gauged. Our team then pinpoints the corrective shape for each unique patient. Such photometry techniques have yielded excellent intra rater and inter-rater reliability for numerous back deformities. This is true for children, teens, and fully grown adults who suffer from back deformities.

GOSS is Effective for Numerous Spinal Deformities

Whether you or a loved one suffer from scoliosis, idiopathic scoliosis, infantile scoliosis, a hump along the back, a curved spine, a crooked back, uneven shoulders or any other back problem, the GOSS system may be able to help. Do not assume an elaborate surgery is necessary. There is an excellent chance our GOSS system will prove beneficial for your back problem.

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